Friday, July 1, 2011

Worksheet 1 General Properties of Waves

Worksheet 1 General Properties of Waves (DONE BY CAPTAIN ROY and Jun Hui)

Example 3: Group Work

a) Calculate the speed of the Wave:

f = 1/t

t= 1.69

f= 1/1.69

Wave Length = Approx. 16cm

Period = 0.30 seconds.

Speed of wave = wave length over period

16cm/ 0.30 seconds.

The Speed of the wave is 53 1/3 cm per second.

Then again, we can use the Distance Traveled over Time (Additional Way?)

0.9m / 1.69s

= 53.3m per second (to 3 s.f.)

b) It is possible to change the speed of the wave pulse. All you need to do is to adjust the tension of the wave. This would alter the speed of the wave.

Higher Tension = Higher Speed
Lower Tension = Lower Speed


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