Friday, August 12, 2011

Summary of today's lesson on SOUND

In today's lesson, you learnt about the following:
(a) Pitch = frequency
(b) Loudness = amplitude
(c) Quality or Timbre = related to the shape of the signal

Imagine that the sound wave is like a broom that sweeps particles away from it. 
The point where the broom is IS KNOWN AS the rarefraction
The point where all the particles is swept to is known as compression

There are many applications of sound or ultrasound as shown in these video clips: 

1. Ultrasound Non-Destructive Testing NDT of Composite Carbon Material

2. Introduction to Ultrasonic Inspection - Animated "EZ to Learn" 

3. 2009 Ultrasound at Medical Clinic

4. Cymatic experiment

5. Pipe inspection services for PCCP

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