Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Infrared Waves

Infrared Waves are an electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength longer than that of visible light. These wavelengths correspond to a frequency range of approximately 1 to 430 THz and includes most thermal radiation emitted by objects near room temperature. Near Infrared waves have a wavelength of 0.78 - 3 µm, Mid Infrared waves have a wavelength of 3-50 µm and Far Infrared waves have a wavelength of 50-1000 µm. Infrared radiation is also known as heat or heat radiation as many people attribute all radiant heating to infrared light and or all infrared heating. Infrared Waves does not need a medium and thus can be transferred in a vacuum.

Infrared Waves are used for night vision, thermography, hyperspectral imaging, heating, communication, tracking, etc. In daily life, Infrared Waves would be used in security lights, burglar alarms, remote controls and data links over short distances.

Infrared Waves have their dangers. Some of the items that use Infrared Waves may overheat and cause explosions. Also, some people may suffer from infrared radiation.

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